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Theatre: a Common Language to Express Ourselves



The Erasmus KA226 project “Let´s enter digital to de future” aims to create tools to work on several topics and make them available online to help students who for any reason are not able to attend face-to-face lessons in their own learning processes. The topics will be worked through several disciplines by implementing active and innovative methodologies in order to gain STEAM competences.






The project “PHOTOHISTORY - where past and present come together” has been a partnership between 5 European secondary schools. The project has been an interdisciplinary one connecting history with photography. During this project, students created their own photographic reproductions of famous historical events captured on drawings, paintings and old photos. They exhibited their works in public venues. The project also involves the use of an innovative Aurasma application to create “Augmented Reality”. Augmented reality connects real objects like buildings, pictures or anything really to digital information. Each school has created an augmented reality spot in their school which contains real-life objects, pictures, logos, their own and partners’ reproductions or slogans that they will gather during the mobilities. When you point to such object with your mobile phone or other digital device with Aurasma app installed on it, you will get some additional information about it on your screen, like for example sounds, other photographs or the description of the object.